At New Life Assembly of God…

 …our Purpose is:


 … and we Value:

 New life, transformation of lives through grace, sound biblical doctrine and God inspired teaching.

 Every Person, giving and doing all, so that the world may know God’s message of love and grace.

 Worship, culturally relevant expression of our love to God with passion and sincerity of heart.

 Love, a community that ministers in encouragement and acceptance because God does!

 Integrity, corporately and individually we will live without compromise.

 Family, ministering to children, youth, and adults to grow and mature in faith.

 Empowerment, providing the necessary training and opportunities for everyone to use the gifts given them by God for His service.

But really, all of this is just a fancy way of saying we love Jesus and we want to live out His instructions.  Christ forever changed the world through His teachings, the example He set through His life, His death on the cross and ultimately, His resurrection.  Without all of that, we would have no way of really knowing who God is.  At New Life we are committed to following the teachings of Christ including the mission He gave us of making disciples.  Come be part of our quest!

The 16 fundamental truths